Tuesday, January 09, 2007

YouTube: Str8 Twinks are Kissing

I'd love to know the background to this. I take it the boys are not (openly) gay. They were dared to kiss, and they did so. Yes? How much convincing did they take? And, when they'd finished, they were told to do it again, and did so happily. It didn't take much to talk them into that second time, did it? And then that annoying girl on the sofa pulled them apart, and they got back together to smooch some more, without anyone talking them into it at all. And then Adam stopped to talk about a time they'd been naked together (as kids, was it? I didn't catch all of that) and the other chap pulled him back for some more snogging. Sexy!

In other words, they got more and more into it as the video went on. After the first session, they became more unaware of their audience. The screaming girls ment nothing to them, they were interested only in each other. That's what it looked like, anyway.

What happened afterward? At the end it seems they were planning to do it again with a male audience. "No, Levi's not going to make out with me. You're going to make out with me, and he's going to watch." And there it ends. Did they? And have they kissed again since?

It is sexy, yes, but it's also very sweet. And I'd love to hear the story behind it. What started them off? A dare? And what happened afterward?


Note added 2007-05-14: The video above has stopped working, but is now available at another posting.


Blogger The boy with the tambourine said...

Just to keep a record: I posted at the YouTube homepage of the creator of the video a link to this blog followed by the following text:

I've asked there [that is, here] some questions about the guys in that video of yours. What was the background to what happened there? How did you convince them to kiss? A dare, was it? And have they done it again since? I'd like to see more.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if, discovering they enjoyed it so much, they decided to do it again without an audience (or clothes)! Have they, perchance, come out as gay or bi since the recording of that video?

I'd love if you could let me know, here or at my blog (at the web address posted above).



Saturday, 13 January, 2007  
Blogger The boy with the tambourine said...

A link to that comment

Sunday, 04 February, 2007  
Blogger The boy with the tambourine said...

Well, the video's stopped working, but here it is again!

Monday, 26 March, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is none of my business, but I suppose if you publish a blog to the world you are inviting comment, so here it goes. It strikes me that you present a very interesting portrait of yourself; this observation of course is based only on my reading of all your entries in this blog.

On the one hand you present yourself as someone concerned with ethics and integrity, someone well read, and "reasonably intelligent", although that comment smacks of false modesty, which in turn leads me to believe that you likely have a healthy ego, and an underlying arrogance. You seem to have yourself on an intellectual pedestal.

Now I am aware from reading one of your entries that in your mind your decision to leave your childhood religion is primarily based on "increased understanding of science", and in another post you are very definite in your desire to make absolutely certain that this, and not your homosexuality, is the cause your leaving. However upon reading your comments to which I am now adding this comment, in my opinion, as a student of human psychology, your comments show that your high minded view of yourself is but a thin veneer. Here you shed all your pretenses, and instead of being a victim of an organization who made you "hate yourself", and condemned you to thinking that you would lead a life of loneliness, suggesting that you long for companionship and love, here you reduce yourself to nothing more than a peeping tom, devoid of self control, integrity, or morality.

Perhaps you are no different than anyone one else, actually let's face the truth, you aren't. You are no different from the countless others, who raise themselves up as their own gods, slaves to their own reasoning, and desires. In this instance your being gay is irrelevant, as I could substitute you with a straight person, and a girl in for one of the boys in the video and the case would be the same, even gay people can live by standards of morality. Now of course you can dismiss my comments, as you likely will, but as an outside observer I can tell you that even people, ones who you might believe are beneath you intellectually, will know, people have a way of seeing the truth no matter how smart you think you are.

Tuesday, 26 August, 2008  
Blogger The boy with the green tambourine said...

Hello Anonymous. Might I start by asking how you came across this tiny corner of cyberspace? I've done little to publicise it. I post here more for my own sake than for anyone else's.

This initial post is, of course, an anomaly. I wanted to celebrate a very sweet video, and to ask a few questions about it, using a longer piece of text than a YouTube comments box.

And it is a sweet video. (Have you watched it?) The lads don't mind kissing, even at the beginning, and half-way through they discover, rather to their own surprise, that they're enjoying it. It's all good humoured innocent fun, and I certainly don't regard myself as a voyeur for watching it.

Am I a voyeur for asking questions about what happened next? Perhaps, in a way. But I think a certain amount of curiosity is natural. At the time, I was reading a lot of 'coming out' narratives, some cheerful, others very painful. Since it seemed that these lads had demonstrated to the world, without any apparent embarrassment, that they could enjoy same-sex kissing, I wondered what repercussions, if any, they had experienced.

I think I'll let the rest of your post stand as fair comment. I'll add only that you are not restricted to this blog in your attempts to understand me. If you click on my username you'll be taken my blogger profile (not very informative) and a list of all my blogs (all two). The other, PoliticalTambourineBoy, has so far only two posts. Give them a glance.

Wednesday, 27 August, 2008  
Blogger The boy with the green tambourine said...

One more remark. What's special about this is the boys' reaction. It isn't the expected: "What? I'm actually enjoying this. FREAK OUT! I MUST BE GAY. ARRRGH!!!" Instead, their reaction is "What? I'm actually enjoying this. Let's do it some more."

Perhaps I'm reading far too much into it, but what I see is a very calm acceptance of the discovery that they're not 100% straight. Since my discovery that I was gay was accompanied with panic, this video intrigued me.


Tuesday, 30 September, 2008  

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