Tuesday, January 09, 2007

YouTube: Str8 Twinks are Kissing

I'd love to know the background to this. I take it the boys are not (openly) gay. They were dared to kiss, and they did so. Yes? How much convincing did they take? And, when they'd finished, they were told to do it again, and did so happily. It didn't take much to talk them into that second time, did it? And then that annoying girl on the sofa pulled them apart, and they got back together to smooch some more, without anyone talking them into it at all. And then Adam stopped to talk about a time they'd been naked together (as kids, was it? I didn't catch all of that) and the other chap pulled him back for some more snogging. Sexy!

In other words, they got more and more into it as the video went on. After the first session, they became more unaware of their audience. The screaming girls ment nothing to them, they were interested only in each other. That's what it looked like, anyway.

What happened afterward? At the end it seems they were planning to do it again with a male audience. "No, Levi's not going to make out with me. You're going to make out with me, and he's going to watch." And there it ends. Did they? And have they kissed again since?

It is sexy, yes, but it's also very sweet. And I'd love to hear the story behind it. What started them off? A dare? And what happened afterward?


Note added 2007-05-14: The video above has stopped working, but is now available at another posting.